11th workshop for Rabies in Bucharest : a successful meeting !

♦ 12-13 June 2019 ♦

The 11th annual meeting organized by the EURL for rabies was held on June 12th and 13th in Bucharest, Romania. The event brought together 65 participants, among which many scientists from Europe member states and cross-border countries, as well as personalities from international institutions who all met to share and exchange on rabies.

Presentations and discussions focused mainly on epidemiology of rabies in Europe and in bordering countries, including North African countries, as well as on techniques on rabies diagnosis with a specific presentation analyzing the results and performances of the laboratories during the inter-laboratory tests from the previous year.

Dr Marco Vigilato, from PAHO (Pan American Health Organization), invited as a guest of honour, shared his valuable experience with a presentation pointing out the lessons learned from Latin America and Caribbean on dog-mediated human rabies elimination. This presentation fitted perfectly with the recommendations and objectives of the official institutions attending the meeting (namely Dr Pedro Rosado Martin for the European Commission, Dr Patricia Pozzetti for OIE, and Dr Inma Aznar for EFSA), which aim at the elimination of human rabies in the world by 2030 and the elimination of the disease in wildlife from 2020.

Thank you to everyone for making this workshop such a success !