European Union Reference Laboratory team presentation


  • Director of the EURL for rabies
  • Project Manager of the EURL for rabies
  • Lyssavirus activities
  • EURL for rabies website maintenance
Dr. CLIQUET Florence
Director of the EURL for rabies
Senior Scientist; PhD in Immunology; Head of the Lyssavirus unit; Head of the rabies serology EURL; Head of the WHO Collaborating Centre; OIE rabies expert
Dr. ROBARDET Emmanuelle
Head of rabies EURL project
Scientist; PhD in Epidemiology
RIEDER Jonathan
Rabies EURL technical scientist
Technical scientist
POILPRET Marie-Pierre
Rabies EURL administrative officer
Administrative officer

The Lyssavirus Unit represented by 15 agents is headed by Dr Florence Cliquet. Each scientist of the Lyssavirus Unit can provide expertise, scientific and technical support under the rabies EURL mandate in accordance with their specialty (diagnosis, molecular biology, bait titration, virology, etc.).

Lyssavirus Unit

  • Molecular biology platform for rabies
  • Animal experimentation
  • Rabies serology EURL
  • Vaccinology section and diagnosis
  • Epidemiology section
Head of the molecular biology platform for rabies
Scientist; PhD in molecular biology; Rabies diagnosis and molecular epidemiology
Head of Animal Experimentation
Head of the Rabies serology EURL; Head of virology section; responsible for immunology work in seroneutralisation tests.
Scientific engineer; Rabies serology
SERVAT Alexandre
Head of vaccinology section and diagnosis.
Scientific engineer; Rabies diagnostic & vaccines
ROBARDET Emmanuelle
Head of Rabies EURL ; Head of epidemiology section
Scientist ; PhD in Epidemiology