European Union Reference Laboratory team presentation


  • Director of the EURL for rabies
  • Project Manager of the EURL for rabies
  • Lyssavirus activities
  • EURL for rabies website maintenance
Dr. CLIQUET Florence
Director of the EURL for rabies
PhD in Immunology; Senior Scientist; Head of the Lyssavirus unit; Head of the rabies serology EURL; Head of the WHO Collaborating Centre; OIE rabies expert
Dr. ROBARDET Emmanuelle
Head of rabies EURL project
Scientist; PhD in Epidemiology
RIEDER Jonathan
Rabies EURL technical scientist
Technical scientist
POILPRET Marie-Pierre
Rabies EURL administrative officer
Administrative officer

The Lyssavirus Unit represented by 14 agents is headed by Dr Florence Cliquet. The unit is divided into four services, each headed by a senior scientist acting as an expert for providing scientific and technical support : molecular biology, serology and virology diagnosis, vaccinology (for inactivated and oral vaccines), and epidemiology.


Lyssavirus Unit

  • Molecular biology
  • Serology (including Rabies serology EURL) and virology
  • Vaccinology section and diagnosis
  • Epidemiology
Head of the molecular biology platform for rabies
Scientist; PhD in molecular biology; Rabies diagnosis and molecular epidemiology - STAFF : BADRE-BIARNAIS Mélanie, PEYTAVIN DE GARAM Carine, SCHEREFFER Jean-Luc
Head of the Rabies serology EURL; Head of virology section; responsible for immunology work in seroneutralisation tests.
Scientific engineer; Rabies serology - STAFF : LABADIE Anouck, RIEDER Jonathan, TRIBOUT Laetitia
SERVAT Alexandre
Head of vaccinology section and diagnosis.
Scientific engineer; Rabies diagnostic & vaccines STAFF : BROGAT Valère, KEMPFF Sébastien, LITAIZE Estelle, SCHEREFFER Jean-Luc
ROBARDET Emmanuelle
Head of Rabies EURL ; Head of epidemiology section
Scientist ; PhD in Epidemiology - STAFF : POILPRET Marie-Pierre, RIEDER Jonathan