Policy update on lifesaving rabies immunization

♦ 18 October 2017 ♦

[Relayed from www.who.int] “On 18 October 2017, the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization approved all of the recommendations proposed by the SAGE working group on rabies, as an update to the current WHO position paper on rabies immunization based on new evidence and experience in programme implementation. SAGE guides progress on global strategies and policies regarding vaccine-preventable diseases. A SAGE rabies working group was established in July 2016 to review new evidence that would merit updating of the 2010 WHO position paper on rabies vaccines. The working group conducted systematic reviews of published and unpublished literature, and assembled data and programme experience from countries to review options for pre-exposure and post-exposure immunization". […] (Read full article on www.who.int…)