Rabies Laboratory of Sciensano, Brussels

♦ 24 April 2018 ♦

The Rabies Laboratory of Sciensano (Brussels, former Scientific Institute of Public Health WIV-ISP) is officially recognized as the Belgian National Reference Centre for Human Rabies (NRC Rabies: financed by the National Institute for health and Invalidity Insurance, RIZIV-INAMI) and the National Reference Laboratory for Animal Rabies (NRL Rabies: recognized by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, FAVV-AFSCA). The lab is also recognized by the European Commission to perform rabies serology in pets in the frame of travel. The rabies laboratory is embedded within the Service of Viral Diseases that performs diagnosis and surveillance of emerging viruses, influenza and other respiratory viruses and vaccine-preventable viral diseases of humans. [Read more…]