Rabies Serology Meeting 2017

♦ 14-15 June 2017 ♦

The meeting of the LRUE serology rabies followed directly the 9th workshop for rabies on 14 and 15 June and lasted one day and a half. This meeting is mainly dedicated to approved laboratories for the serology of pets as part of movements to and from the European Union. A total of 87 participants from all continents attended this meeting, as well as the international organizations already present during 9th workshop for rabies, the DGAL (French General Directorate for Food), the ANSES Quality Services Delegation and an ANSES-Fougères delegate. The agenda was divided into six sessions: Rabies serology proficiency test, ISO standards and statistics, EU serology regulation, Rabies serology for pets, Developments and methods in rabies serology, Rabies Serology for wildlife and Rabies serology and vaccines. All the conditions for success were gathered for both meetings: hotel and location, working environment, exceptional weather… Presentations can be found on the EURL website (private members only).